Selected Projects

Multi-stereoscope, 2015.

The piece was instigated after a trip to Ypres Salient in Belgium (2015). Inspired by the encounter of stereoscopes in Sanctuary Wood Museum (Hill 62), Zillebeke depicting the realities of trench warfare during World War 1.

Custom-made stereoscopic slides depicting the interiors of abandoned dwellings of Co. Sligo and Mayo. The On Sight theme at the National Museum of Ireland – Country Life was ‘Welcome to the Stranger: Migrant people, places and spaces’. Imagery for this project was photographed using a homemade stereoscopic camera and displayed in a multiple viewfinder unit. It was constructed using found material and the images were merged using magnifying glasses within the binocular cones. This unit was installed in an existing window opening in a replica wattle and daub hut on the grounds of the museum. 

All images © Aidan Crotty